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Inner Circle Executive is our planned quarterly magazine, full with the information you need in your life to be successful professionally and personally. We do not want this to be just another magazine you receive and never read. So we need to know the subjects of importance to you the skills, abilities, and knowledge you need to know about to advance professionally and also the accomplishments you would like to share with other members for mutual opportunities.

We see this publication as one of the ways that we will create a community of successful leaders. Toward this, let us know if you would like to author an article, share a career tip, or tell us about an accomplishment. We will get back to you immediately.

How will we start? Just fill out the questionnaire below. It should take you only a few minutes.

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Mentoring Relationships
     Finding the Right One
     Being a Mentor
Cost Management
     In Writing
     Using E-mail
     Reading Body Language
     With Peers
     With Senior Management
     In a Virtual Environment
     Win-win Tactics
Project Management
Sucession Planning
The Economic Crisis
Career Planning
Conflict Management
Goal Setting
Influencing Senior Management
     Reducing Clutter
Coaching Team Members
Money Management
Office Politics
     A Survival Guide
Time Management
Selling Your Ideas
Working at Home
Writing Skills
Leadership Skills and Abilities
Overseeing the Work of Others
Customer Service Management
Problem Solving
     Overseeing Brainstorming
     Process Management
Time Management
Stress Management
Office Management
Sales Tips
Branding Yourself
Perfecting Decisions
     Developing Bonds With a Difficult Boss
     Working With a Difficult Boss

Career Traps
Believing What You Say Is More Important Than What Others Are Saying
Gossiping About Own Staff Members
Not Prioritizing
Not Allocating Slack Time (You need 10% to 15% for Emergencies)
Not Keeping Your Boss Informed
Hoarding Information and Resources
Criticizing Senior Management to Staff
Committing To Deadlines You Know You Can't Meet
Giving Instructions Literally On the Run and Then Wondering Why Problems Arise
Praising Either Too Lavishly Or Not At All
Committing Negligent Hiring
Allowing Reverse Delegation
Lack of a Contingency Plan
Ignoring Office Politics
Letting Others Take Over parts of Your Work Group's Mission
Not Bonding With the Right People

Missed Traps

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